Our Board

Karin Foster

Founded the organization in 2010. President and Executive Director. 

To contact president@hydeparkwatch.org

Marg Martin

Founding member serving a Vice President.

Janine Johnson

Founding member serving as Secretary.

Doreen Fazzi

 Advisory board member is a Retired School Teacher.

Laure Stasek

Advisory board member is a Retired Nurse, Dietitian and Business Owner.

Jerry Major

Advisory board member is the Executive Director of Youth for Christ NEPA.

Terry Gallagher

Advisory board member serving as legal counsel.

Carl Graziano

Advisory board member serving as Chief of Police.

Hasin Dixon

 Advisory board member is a Social Worker.

Kevin Kearney

 Advisory board member is a Small Business Owner.

James Gidosh

 Advisory board member serving is the President and Co-founder of the Northeast Skate Park Alliance.